Home Pakistan Khattak’s PTI-P in disarray shortly after formation | The Express Tribune

Khattak’s PTI-P in disarray shortly after formation | The Express Tribune

Khattak’s PTI-P in disarray shortly after formation | The Express Tribune


Shortly after former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief minister and Pervez Khattak announced the formation of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Parliamentarians (PTI-P), several prominent members swiftly distanced themselves from the newly-formed political party, Express News reported.

Within half an hour of the announcement, dissenting messages started pouring in from the members. So far, nine individuals from the list provided to the media have disavowed their association with the new party, while more such defections are expected.

Prominent figures including PTI leaders Muhammad Jan, Iftikhar Mashwani, Malik Shaukat, Taj Muhammad Khan, Pir Masoor Khan, and Sajida Zulfikar have all denied being part of Khattak’s new party.

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Former MPA from Swat Azizullah Khan, former MPA from Abbottabad Qalandar Khan Lodhi, as well as former lawmaker from Lower Dir Azam Khan, have also refuted reports of joining PTI-P, stating their unwavering loyalty to the PTI and its chairman Imran Khan until their last breath.

Observers argue that the initial dissenting messages from members are a clear indication that the party’s political manifesto does not hold much significance.

‘Why did PTI waste opportunites for polls?’

Meanwhile, Khattak questioned why his former party had wasted several opportunities for general elections, apparently referring to the negotiations between the coalition government and PTI prior to the violent events of May 9 which eventually led to the weakening of the party.

“Do we want to walk the path of democracy or the path of anarchy?” he asked.

Khattak also questioned the reasons behind the PTI’s failure to accept the election results. “It must be asked why PTI refused to acknowledge the results of the elections and why we are still heading towards turmoil,” he said.

He further said that the reasons for PTI’s refusal to accept the elections remain a mystery. “When this mystery unravels, everyone’s eyes will be opened to the true nature of PTI’s agenda,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Khattak had officially announced the launch of the new political party, claiming that at least 57 provincial and national assembly members, including former governor Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, have joined the new party.

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Last month, PTI Peshawar Deputy Secretary Information Khalid Khan Supari revealed that Khattak was in contact with party leaders for the past several days and was trying to convince them to leave the party.

Khattak had served as the K-P chief minister as well as the defence minister during the PTI government’s tenure.

It should be noted that Khattak announced his resignation from all PTI positions in May during a news conference in Islamabad. He condemned the incidents of May 9 and called for action against those who were responsible.

Subsequently, Khattak refuted reports of his separation from the PTI, asserting that he remained a part of the party but had resigned from his posts. However, merely days after the PTI terminated his membership, Khattak said he would launch PTI-P.


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