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XRP Army Happy With Elon Musk’s New Tweet, Here’s Why

XRP Army Happy With Elon Musk’s New Tweet, Here’s Why


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Yuri Molchan

Elon Musk has attracted many major crypto accounts with his new tweet, XRP army particularly happy with message of tech tycoon

Twitter boss, tech billionaire and the biggest lover of Dogecoin Elon Musk, who is currently busy rebranding Twitter into X, has presented a new “X” logo to his millions of followers.

Crypto enthusiasts were the first to respond to that post, but some major XRP-themed accounts were particularly happy because of the similarity of X to the XRP logo. Among these accounts was @XRPcryptowolf, who posted in response the logotype of his favorite Ripple-affiliated coin.

It seems that the XRP army is the happiest in the whole crypto space about this rebranding because of the similarities in the logos.

Other Twitter (X) users began to post memes based on X in response.

Community wonders if Elon Musk will reward creators in crypto

Musk also retweeted a post from the X account of the platform, in which it stated that ad revenue sharing has now gone live for eligible creators around the globe. A recommendation followed that those who want to monetize their posting, should set up payments in the Monetization section of Twitter.

The team wants X to be “the best place on the internet to earn a living as a creator” and the current initiative is the first step of the X team in rewarding content makers for their efforts.

Questions from crypto fans followed whether X would be able to pay them in XRP or Bitcoin (the latter was asked by the official account of the U.S. crypto exchange Kraken).

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